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We have been making TV commercials for South Florida clients for years. A great number of our clients are in the Miami Dade and Fort Lauderdale areas. However we also have clients around the country.

TV advertising is a powerful method of reaching potential clients. We are able to reach people day and night with a message that they are much more likely to remember because it involves both hearing and seeing. Additionally we are able to target specific groups of people based upon the ratings of a particular show. Ratings do much more than tell us how many people are watching a program, they also tell us demographic information on who is watching.

Branding for your company is one of the benefits of TV advertising but most business owners want sales more than name recognition. Once again this is a powerful way to get your message across with a call to action. We can offer a special sale at your store that ends this weekend. We can offer products for sale that are not available in stores. We can promote in store holiday sales. Each of these options would have some urgency in the message which causes the viewers to take action.

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We hope you find everything you are looking for here. One thing to keep in mind is that once your TV commercial has been produced then you still need to get it on the air. As a full service advertising agency we have a media buyer with 20 years of experience in negotiating the best rates and times to get the most out of your TV advertising budget. Many times a video production company offers to place the ad on TV and all they do is call up the TV station and ask them to provide a schedule. When that happens a sales rep working for the network will provide a schedule that is in the best interests of that network. When you have us handle your media buying we are on your side not the networks side. We have all the costs which are updated daily and we see all the ratings for all the shows. Armed with this information we are in a much better position to negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Best of all it never costs anything extra to have us place your media buys for you. All the networks ALWAYS include the agency fee in every schedule they produce. By the networks own rules they are not allowed to give the client the agency fee as that is always reserved for any ad agency you may decide to hire.