President’s Message

Rick GoldmanMy reason for starting the Advertising Television video production studio was that so many business owners have the need for a great TV commercial and proper media buying to get the best results. We make TV commercials affordable for all types of businesses including retail, automotive dealerships, service industries, health care and more.


With our company you’ll enjoy the one stop shopping of having great video production and media buying under one roof.

Our organization is ideally suited for businesses of every size. Budgetary restraints are a reality for most businesses we don’t like to see business owners who are forced to compromise their advertising and make decisions based upon price rather than quality video production and a sound media buying strategy. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are not misguided into purchasing a TV commercial and advertising package that wont have the reach and frequency needed to get results We have seen our competitors try to sell business owners on the idea of spending a little and getting a lot of spots. Sure it sounds great until you look at the reach and frequency. Our media buyer has over 20 years of experience in developing TV schedules that will have impact. We don’t want someone to buy 1,000 cheap spots if we can reach more people, more times with only 100 spots that may be more expensive but in the end the same total dollar amount would be spent. This is why it is important to deal with a professional media buyer to get the best results with your TV advertising dollars. When we handle your media buying you’ll get excellent value for your advertising dollars.

Rick Goldman – President