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Think about the very first time that you can recall watching TV and seeing a commercial come on that glowing box in front of you. What is the first one that comes to mine? Now try to remember a newspaper ad that you saw when you were young? If you can’t think of one; don’t feel bad because that is pretty normal. Criminal defense attorneys and personal injury lawyers like to bring videos into the court room for a very good reason. The reason is that the jury is much more likely to understand and remember something that was both seen and heard. You could show somoene a chart and ask them to read some information and then check with them in 5 minutes and if they understood it at all you’d be lucky. Have a room full of people listen to audio only and you’d get the same poor results. When we watch a TV commercial we are much more likely to understand and remember the message. As an added bonus, when people see something on TV they feel that it is more credible than if they heard about it on the radio or read about it somewhere.


Here are a couple of pictures that were taken during a video shoot for a TV commercial we were making for an attorney. Any time we make a TV commercial for an attorney or any law firm we always check with the Florida Bar Association to get the most recent updates on all of the regulations related to lawyers advertising on TV. Many other states are not so restrictive on what a law firm can do in a TV commercial but Florida is very strict.

tv advertising

Here we are placing a wireless microphone on an attorney in front of the green screen. The green screen allows us to edit it out and put in any background we select. This is how the weather reporter on your local TV station is able to stand in front of a map that isn’t actually there and show you what will be happening with the weather in your area.

tv commercials

In this photo we are shooting the video of this lawyer. In many types of TV commercial production we would have an actor or actress. However in the state of Florida we are only allowed to either have the attorney in the commercial or we must state “Non attorney spokesperson” which never looks good.

Here is the finished TV commercial. This attorney is located in Fort Lauderdale but his commercial is running in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. We are able to place advertising on any broadcast or cable TV station in the USA.

TV commercial cost is related to many factors including but not limited to:

  • Number of actors and actresses
  • Set design
  • Jingle production
  • Location rental cost

We work within your budget to keep TV commercial production costs within your budget.