TV commercial production company

Our video production team has year of experience in making TV commercials that get results. When we make a TV commercial our goal is to bring business to that client. We don’t care if our commercial is so funny that people laugh but they can’t remember our clients name. In advertising only one thing matters and that is getting the clients phone to ring or getting new clients to walk into the clients retail store or auto dealership. We don’t want to win an award for making a great TV commercial; we want our client to see an increase in business. Our video production team is a group of pros with a minimum of a four year college degree in visual media. Our media buyer has over 20 year of media buying experience for our clients locally, regionally and nationally. We make TV schedules that target the demographics of your typical clients and we stay within your budget.


Imagine being able to hire the best people for each of your advertising needs without calling or visiting every ad agency in Miami Dade and Broward County. With our company, Advertising Television on your side, we make that dream a reality. Our staff consists of video editors, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, programmers, illustrators, event marketing professionals, writers, animators, promotional product experts, and more. These professionals have all had years of experience working for prestigious advertising agencies or advertising departments of large corporations. By having one team of talented people produce everything from business cards to billboard advertisements you get a consistent look and feel with all of your marketing materials. As a result of our vast experience in marketing, branding and advertising in general you can be sure that when you work with us we will make your TV commercial memorable so that potential clients become actual clients.