Projects – TV Commercials

tv commercialsIn the marketing world there are a number of ways to advertise. You might only need a nice website and a professionally designed brochure for your business but some businesses do very well with TV advertising. Our clients come to us with all types of businesses you can imagine. Many times the business owner who wants to advertise on TV will ask us “Have you ever made a TV commercial for someone in MY business?” the answer will often be “No” but the concept of how to make a commercial memorable and so that people will take action doesn’t change from one business to the next.

A TV commercial encourages people to take positive action towards your company by building confidence in your company. Part of a commercial’s impact comes from repetition, the very act of seeing a familiar symbol on a continual basis. Every company, every product or service needs a commercial for the purpose of branding. TV advertising work by repetition and the more times someone hears and sees your commercial the more likely they are to take action based upon what they have seen. When you see something on TV for the first time you don’t run out to buy the product or service being offered and neither do your clients. After you’ve seen a commercial between 10-15 times you start to feel like you know and trust that company. The company begins to seem trustworthy and credible because we keep hearing about them. We get people to remember our brand so that when they are in the market for our products or services they think of us. This is done by having our spots run with the right amount of reach and frequency. Our media buyer has over 20 years of experience in reaching the proper demographic in your market area.

The marketplace is awash with visual branding solutions, repeated in television commercials, on trucks that pass us by; on packages and signs in the supermarkets; stationery and flyers. The list is endless. It is essential, then, for a TV commercial to have meaning; to present to the subconscious mind of the consumer a message about the corporation and/or the product it represents.

This isn’t an easy task. It’s a very complex equation that we must develop. The equation has several image-making factors that must be created and sent out for digestion by consumers.