Direct Response Commercials

Ask professional psychic Sylvia Brown what she sees in the future of TV advertising. You don’t need to have psychic powers find out where to get a great TV commercial produced at a fair price. This TV commercial ran during a live TV show in New York City.

This flooring company had no physical locations. They would send a salesperson out to the home when people called. All of their advertising was in newspapers and on TV. Since the “store” is closed when the commercial isn’t running we made this jingle to help people remember the company name.

You don’t have to be a psychic to know where to go to get a great TV commercial for your business.

Freedom Boat Club is a national franchise. The local South Florida franchisee was given a TV commercial for free from their headquarters. They decided not to use the free gift because it didn’t look like the boats we see in South Florida. The waterways shown didn’t appear to be anywhere near Miami Dade or Broward County at all. They were happy to pay us to make a TV commercial so that people would know they are a local South Florida business.

This is a 60-second direct response commercial we produced for a new product on the market. In a direct response commercial the goal is to get the viewer to pick up the phone and call to buy the product. When we look at media buying for this type of spot we don’t care about the shows where our ad will run. We only care how often we can get it to run for a given price.

Here is a traveling furniture commercial. The client buys the products overseas and brings them into the United States. Then they go from hotel to hotel selling the furniture. We need great pricing to run this ad a lot of times or nobody will show up at the hotel.

This is an example of a 30-second TV commercial which ran on broadcast TV. Calls came in to a call center which was open 24 hours per day.