Our advertising agency makes TV commercials for all types of law firms including lawyers who work in bankruptcy, personal injury and criminal defense attorneys. Florida attorneys need to be careful about using the proper procedures in producing a TV commercial as everything a law firm in Florida does is reviewed by the Florida Bar Association. We keep a current copy of the rules on advertising for lawyers so that we can suggest ways that an attorney can get their TV commercial advertising approved quickly. Lawyer advertising in Florida is highly regulated and you’ll want a professional with years of experience on your side.

Personal injury attorney TV advertising.

Lawyers are beginning to consider TV advertising as a great option to reach the public. This law firm in Deerfield Beach Florida has an attorney who wants to reach people all over the United States. We produced different versions of the same TV commercial in which we only changed the phone number. We will run these on different cable networks and track the results based upon which phone numbers get the most calls. By doing this we will be able to quickly move increase or decrease the advertising on various networks based upon the results being obtained.