Service Commercials

Today we only shoot TV commercials using HD video recording equipment. Watch this commercial to find out how we were able to use less than ten words in the entire commercial. We decided to let the emotion in the faces of our actors tell the story. Do you think we accomplished our goal?

We made this 30-second TV commercial for an adult video retail store. We wrote the script and produced the entire video using still photos, professional voice over talent and a stock video clip. This made the commercial production very affordable for the store owners. The store owners have a location in Hollywood and South Beach Florida. We also made their website which sells products online. Many people feel uncomfortable about walking into a retail store of this type but they will buy products online where they can reamin anonomous.

We made this 30-second TV commercial for an a small tax preperation and accounting service located in Hollywood Florida. Their clients are in the area of Miramar, Hallandale, West Park and North Miami. By making use of professional voice over talent and stock photos we were able to produce this TV commercial without shooting any live video and no actors were needed which allowed us to keep the costs down. Our client wanted a simple, yet effective TV commercial so that they could spend most of their money running the commercial.

For clients outside of the Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton area we are able to produce your TV commercial and run it in YOUR local area or run it regionally as well as nationally.

In this 30-second commercial we wanted to show that if you aren’t calling the right pest control company you may get some good old boys working from their garage.

This client already had the name of their company set when they came to us. We thought that the name would be confusing to people because it sounds very similar to the tradmarked name REALTOR. We created a jingle to spell out the name so that we could be sure that when people heard the TV commercial they would go to the right website or call the correct phone number.

Homecare Solutions wanted to let people know that they have options when elderly parents need assistance.

In this commercial we wanted to let people know that this type of alarm system is unique. We described the system and showed the components that make up the system. We also showed how the monitoring company actually yells at the intruder.